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Are the rising real estate prices sowing seeds of doubt in your mind about the future of your proposed investment in residential property? Do you wonder whether the bubble is set to burst and if it is better to wait for prices to fall a little before taking the plunge…?┬áThen the right choice for you is ONE REALTY, where we give you assured returns on your investments without any depreciation.

Even if one considers the period from end-2008 till March 2012, which saw a widespread slump in equity and property markets worldwide due to the global financial crisis, real estate in India gave positive returns in most instances.

Given the trend of rising property prices over the last few years, the price of the property you have shortlisted will most likely keep going up as you wait.

Residential real estate has one asset class whose prices have been steadily rising in most markets. Given the demand-supply imbalance, the trend is likely to continue and your investment will in all possibility stand you in good stead even when other assets take a beating.

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Demand-Supply Play

Experts believe that the wide gap between demand and supply in residential real estate will keep prices firm over the long run. “NHB data itself show shortage of more than 20 million homes. There is an acute shortage of homes, especially in and around the main cities due to population migration that is happening due to growth opportunities. As a result, prices have generally tended to increase over the medium to long term,” says Balaji Raghavan, CEO & CIO, Real Estate Fund, IIFL.

This is the base we are following in ONE REALTY family , equal returns for equal pay. We are confident about our investors and are dedicated to build a strong network.

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