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Jabalpur with Burgeoning educated population and emerging industrial hub of the state and with direct air connectivity to Delhi, Mumbai and strategic geographical location has made the city emerge as a major Tier-II city of the country. Over the Past decade real estate market has given returns at an astronomical rate and continues to do so.

“Undeniably tremendous” is how the Investment in Indian real estate is termed. Government of India has recently allowed Non Resident Indians (NRIs) to invest upto 100% (FDI) in Housing and Real Estate Sector for development of serviced plots.

Government invest in Construction of built-up residential premises and commercial premises including business centers and offices; development of townships, city and regional level urban infrastructure facilities including both roads and bridges; investment in manufacture of building materials; and investment in participatory ventures in development of serviced plots, construction of built-up residential premises and commercial premises including business centers and offices; and development of townships.

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POTENTIAL FOR GROWTH WITH ONE REALTY is our long term goal by joining hands with our privileged partners. We together can build a nation along with benefiting the society because for every one crore (10 million) rupees of investment in housing, nearly 290 industries in the building material sector get activated besides the core manufacturing sector constituting cement, steel and bricks.

Our a property and making the purchase completely hassle-free. The transparency adopted by us and the expertise utilized in each analysis makes us your best option for an investment partner.

We Invite our Partners from Overseas in the Following Sector :

  • Development of services plots and construction of built up residential premises.
  • Investment in real estate covering construction of residential and commercial premises including business centers and offices.
  • Development of townships.
  • City and regional level urban infrastructure facilities, including both roads and bridges.
  • Investment in manufacture of building materials.

The investment opportunities in India have been favored by all as the government has been flexible in setting out the policies concerning the residential plots for sale as property investment and repatriation. This has further made the NRIsĀ as well as the people of Indian origin to invest in the property in India.

There are many facilities given to the NRIs as far as investing is concerned. They can get residential or immovable property in the country, transfer of sell it, and if required, even rent it out. For getting immovable property, the NRIs can use own funds besides, they can also avail the option of taking a home loan from the bank. Own funds for the NRIs refer to the money they received in India through the way of inward remittance from abroad. The NRIs can send these funds through either NRE (Non-Resident External) or NRO (Non Resident Ordinary) account.

If you’re looking for an Investment then you can always log onto www.onerealty.in as you would be guaranteed better returns. So, hurry up and make your mind of investing in the Indian real estate market to reap great benefits.

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